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Clara Zavani

Clara Zavani

Senior UX Design Manager at Reddit

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3 Years


Manager of ICs

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Hi everyone! My name is Clara Zavani and I am currently Senior UX Design Manager at Reddit, where I lead a team of 2 people. Looking forward to meeting you!

Hey, I'm available every Thursday at 11:30 PM (GMT)

Next time slot available
  October 15, 2020
  11:30 PM (GMT)


Senior Design Manager II

Reddit, Inc.

Jun 2017 - current

Design Lead

Sprig: Eat Well

Nov 2015 - May 2017

Sprig prepares and delivers ready-to-eat thoughtfully-sourced meals. Early design member, executing and overseeing all product design at Sprig. \-Designed and managed all of Sprig’s core applications, including customer app (iOS, Android & web), multi-language kitchen production tool, recipe builder, and delivery software (iOS, Android, Tablet & Web) \-Headed, executed and launched strategic 3.0 launch of Sprig (Jan 2017), including all UX and visual design, new brand, and photography guidelines to guarantee a positive customer experience moving from a 5-piece to a 35-piece menu \-Hired, mentored and guided creative team through all iterations and critical project milestones for strategic 3.0 relaunch while working with executive team to transform high-level strategic decisions into successful and cost-effective customer features \-Integrated agile design process to facilitate user research, prototyping, testing and data-driven iterative cycles and to strengthen cross-functional collaboration \-Transformed product development strategy for all internal software tools (production, R&D and delivery) by introducing user research, testing and agile iteration across applications for diverse workforce customer base with varying skill sets, ages, and languages \-Overhauled delivery software to optimize driver workflow, increase efficiency, and reduce packing errors \-Designed Sprig’s 1st labor tracking tool through immersive user research in multilingual 45-person kitchen \-Assisted on all marketing and growth efforts by designing emails, flyers, promotional materials and packaging

Tech Sector Blogger

The Huffington Post

Mar 2015 - current

Contributor for the Italian Tech sector of the Huffington Post

Design Lead


Mar 2013 - Nov 2015

\-Designed and launched 2 core mobile applications from conceptualization, user research, end-to-end design, launch and management (Humin and Knock Knock apps for iOS, Android, and wearables) \-Planned and executed software internationalization ensuring quality user experience across English, Dutch, French, and German-speaking regions. \-Recruited, mentored and managed creative team of 3, while streamlining agile design process in company workflow by prioritizing workload, integrating user-research methodologies and review cycles \-Partnered with executive team to shape early stage product-market fit, plan launch and growth strategies, and refine key product features \-Humin won Popular Science’s “100 Innovations of the Year” (Technology Sector for 2014)

Gallery Assistant


Nov 2012 - Mar 2013

Assisted team on daily tasks, such as invoices, client relations, worked directly with customers and helped digitalize existing archive. Responsible for integrating social network platforms to the existing studio identity and marketing plan, and consulted for website redesign.

UX Designer


Jun 2012 - May 2013

Partnered and advised 6 start-ups and digital agencies, both domestic and international, to transform business objectives into achievable digital product features, user-researches, user journeys, and low-cost prototypes. Clients include Paulson Bott Press, Egotique, Beyond (Financial Times, Google, Snugli)

Head of the Teaching Assistant Program and Shop Monitor

Rhode Island School of Design

Sep 2010 - Jun 2012

Promoted head of the Industrial Design teaching assistant team. Provided assistance to students with sketching, concept development, model making and machining

Responsible for the “Green Energy Pavillion”, Marketing and Promotional Assistant

Arezzo Centro Fiere e Congressi

Jun 2010 - Sep 2010

Assisted the development of the first furniture trade show for the Chamber of Commerce of Arezzo “Abit.Ar”. Managed the first “Green Energy Pavilion” by identifying local businesses to participate in specific pavilion. Sold designated exhibition booths, and organized available space.


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