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Chris Salvato

Chris Salvato

Head of Product Engineering at Territory

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3 Years



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Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Product Team

Hi all! I'm Chris Salvato, the former Head of Product Engineering at Territory (territoryfoods.com) where I was instrumental in building a team from 2 to 6 engineers in a remote environment. Look forward to help people kick off and build fully remote engineering teams. :visage_légèrement_souriant:

Hey, I'm available every Wednesday at 6:00 PM (GMT)

Next time slot available
  August 19, 2020
  6:00 PM (GMT)


The Importance Speed, Intra-Company Communication, and Identifying Ambition in the Hiring and Onboarding Process
9 November

Chris Salvato discusses how the combination of speed, along with identifiable team goals and values aimed at seeking out ambitious new employees helped him to create a reliable hiring and onboarding process.

Internal Communication
Managing Expectations
Chris Salvato

Chris Salvato

Head of Product Engineering at Territory


Senior Software Engineer


Nov 2018 - current

Working with LearnZillion to advance education. We take the highest quality curriculum and make it teacher-friendly and classroom-ready to empower educators. As a senior software engineer, I design and develop impactful new features for a growing user base including teachers, students, parents, and administrative users. Features are developed using: \- Ruby on Rails 5 (HAML, SASS, and Webpack) \- Ruby 2 \- Vue.js and Knockout.js \- Postgres \- Elasticsearch \- Redis \- Sidekiq \- GitHub \- Code Climate \- Circle CI


Faraday Fleet

Dec 2017 - current

We believe that transportation needs to become more sustainable for humans to keep inhabiting our planet. A big driver in this transition is moving transportation services to use electric vehicles. We believe that we can blaze a trail and be a leader in this niche. Our goal is to build a luxury fleet by focusing on incredible, Michelin-star level service that makes our passengers second guess why they use our combustion-engine competitors. We believe that people who experience the luxury and performance of electric vehicles will be further enticed to make the switch to electric – not by reading or thinking, but by experiencing.

Head of Product Engineering

Territory Foods

Nov 2015 - Oct 2018

React Front End Engineering \- • Worked with a designer to create library of React components based on an atomic design framework • Built and tested React components using Jasmine BDD framework, Teaspoon test runner and Enzyme within a Ruby on Rails app • Created new front-end landing pages and ordering experience, including A/B testing tracking with VWO, built in JavaScript and React • Integrated app with tracking/growth tools (Segment, Delighted, VWO, Intercom, etc.) using client-side APIs to track user events • Built two completely new, complex ordering experiences using React components • Rebranded a web app, focusing on updating the component library, as well as removing legacy code to minimize tech debt • Redesigned Territory’s automatically-generated print order labels using wkhtmltopdf, HTML and CSS Rails Back End Engineering \- • Implemented comprehensive UTM tracking strategy to track incoming tracking parameters from advertising campaigns • Performed invasive changes to Territory’s system, such as a complete Rails 5 upgrade, and updating schema to support new features • Devised a short-linking solution for tracking print advertising that resulted in website traffic • Created views and actions for internal Customer Service app based on ActiveAdmin gem Statistical Computing & Data Analysis \- • Created a suite of R packages to visualize and statistically analyze millions of rows of AdWords campaign data • Wrote testing framework using Google Optimize, VWO and Optimizely to run A/B tests on complicated features • Created automated weekly reports, written in R, to track advertising spend over dozens of campaigns and dimensions Leadership \- • Interviewed 100+ developers for various engineering roles • Fostered a remote engineering culture including coaching, retros, 1:1s, new developer onboarding and show-and-tells to retain talent • Coordinated, ran and participated in numerous project kick-offs, after gathering requirements from stakeholders at every level


Swift Archer

May 2012 - Nov 2015

Swift Archer is a holding company where I focused on creating valuable online web properties for clients and my internal portfolio. • Created custom WordPress websites & plugins for local business and e-commerce clients, written in PHP, developed in a local env. • Created custom Ruby scripts to generate and analyze AdWords campaigns data. • Integrated MailChimp API with WordPress website to pull subscriber data for marketing callouts. • Built a team of developers, designers + SEO freelancers to create SEO portfolio sites built on WordPress. • Built a Shopify site using Liquid language to sell fitness merchandise and information products. • Managed SEO structure and automatic meta-tag generation for a portfolio of WordPress web properties. • Created a custom website forum built in PHP and MySQL based on phpBB. • Wrote scraping utilities in Ruby using Nokogiri and Watir to scrape thousands of rows of Craigslist post data and Yelp listing data. • Wrote Ruby scripts to format billions of rows of biomedical data as a consultant on a PhD thesis.


Eat Move Improve LLC

Sep 2009 - Dec 2016

A bodyweight fitness focused company

Research Sales Engineer


Feb 2008 - May 2010

• Created experimental hardware and software configurations using the PowerLab for hundreds of university lab experiments. • Assisted customers in writing data analysis scripts in MATLAB

Biomedical Engineer

Infraredx, Inc.

Jun 2007 - Nov 2007

• Wrote MATLAB scripts to analyze hundreds of thousands of rows of biomedical optics data • Wrote a series of microscope automation scripts to dramatically reduce experimentation time for optical experiments.


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