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I still maintain my data and analytics roots after a long career in senior engineering leadership. I always gravitate to groups that need organizing for growth and change. I have a long history with large databases, analytics and statistical analysis going back to grad school, always seems to come into play and even more so with the explosion of available data and cloud computing power. Databases and machine learning are my current educational focus, enrolled in Coursera machine/deep learning courses with Stanbford's Andrew Ng, and others. Now getting into Go programming and cloud-based distributed databases.

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Implementing a major platform technology change

20 April

Chris Radcliffe, the VP of Engineering at ProQuest, talks about how he successfully implemented a major platform technology change while managing stakeholders’ and customers’ expectations.

Managing Expectations
Dev Processes
Sharing The Vision
Resolving conflicts between two top engineers

2 March

Chris Radcliffe, VP Engineering at ProQuest, discusses his experience of handling a conflict between two top engineers and provides insights about how to handle this type of situation.

Conflict Solving
Toxic Employee
Toxic Atmospheres
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