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Chris Laffra

Chris Laffra

Executive Director at JP MORGAN CHASE

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  • Monday 20th Dec3:00 PM (GMT)

I am a software engineer and author. I am passionate about technology and published a couple of technical books. More recently I finished a book called "Communication for Engineers". In the book, I suggest that software engineers only spend 20-30% of their time on code. The rest is spent communicating with others. This is why the book covers that essential part of an engineer's ability to be productive, impactful, and above all happy. I led teams and contributed to software projects in investment banking and at large tech companies. In each role, a major part of my focus was on making software development processes more efficient. See for more information about my projects.

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5 Years


Manager of ICs


Education / eTech
Financial Services / Fintech
Cloud Services
Computer Software

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