Charlene Bunting

Charlene Bunting

Director of Software Engineering at Workiva

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Senior Director of Software Engineering by day, mom of two by night. I've spent over a decade in a variety of technical roles, with experience in SaaS application development, backup and recovery, 3rd party integrations, high-scale e-commerce, digital marketing, marketing automation, multivariate testing, data warehousing, and custom software development. My passion is working with talented and diverse teams. Bringing people together and working across functions to drive continual business success fuels me. Through these partnerships, I am constantly learning to better understand problems and opportunities, and leading across teams to solve for them. I hold a firm belief in cultivating an engineering culture of trust and respect. In fostering an organization with higher levels of psychological safety, my teams are able to amplify delivery of extraordinary business results through collaborative partnerships. In my personal time, I enjoy visits to the Caribbean, reading, roasting marshmallows with my kids, enjoying food from around the world, and making unforgettable memories (think sky-diving, snorkeling, laser tag with our engineers). I actively support and promote women in technology and underrepresented employees. I believe in the power of inclusion, am an avid advocate of agile principles, and a proponent for servant leadership.

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