Fernando Otero

Fernando Otero

Chief Software Architect at Onapsis

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Scaled search and Personalization for classifies in India. I built a Recommender System, contributed code to various open source projects (Jackson, Apache Spark, Spark Jobserver, XStream and more). I worked in a HyperGrowth company: Rappi, where I scaled the Search area from 3 people to 30. Improved conversions by more than 30% while dealing with technical debt and improving reliability reducing down times to less than 30 mins in 3 months). 18+ years working in Software Developer for International corporations. Entrepreneur, always learning and failing (lots of failures here...) Spark user since 1.0, Spark Job-Server Commiter - Managed a Olx's Personalization and Relevance team and made it scale for India Traffic. - I worked with Stream Processing @Jampp - I built a Recommendation engine and event tracking system for Avenida.com - There are a couple of android apps I did on my free time, and I'm also involved in a couple of sites: www.alavaca.com www.hectaring.com www.pollmytweets.com (doesn't work anymore).

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Jul 2019 - Mar 2021

In charge of Search, scaled the team from 3 to 30 people. Fixed the architecture to eliminate down times. Stardardized way of work and technologies used. Improved conversions in +30%. With strong focus on metrics, every feature had it's A/B test to prove we were actually driving changes. I did presentations to C/Board level, had to negotiate technical debt with business and product and scaled. Main Challenge: improve our metrics (conversions, MRR) while fixing technical debt and stabilizing the platform.

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