Catalin Stoiovici

Catalin Stoiovici

Head of Scaled Engineering Delivery at Capco

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I started my commercial experience as a Software Engineer in 2008, and from that point onwards, I've always been working with international teams delivering incredible software products. Throughout my career, I've worn many hats, and in the last five years, I've transitioned into more senior leadership roles like Director of Software Engineering and Head of Engineering. I'm excited about building high performing Engineering teams and helping them achieve their goals and become the best they can be. Lately, I've been focusing primarily on scaling teams and running transformation programmes for Financial Services.

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Financial Services / Fintech
Computer Software

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Moving From Cowboy to Agile Delivery

15 July

Catalin Stoiovici, Head of Engineering Delivery at Capco, shares how he helped his team transition to a more mature operational practice and replace their ad hoc, cowboy style of delivery with Agile.

Scaling Team
Team Processes
Career Path
Agile / Scrum
Aligning Towards Product Discovery

15 July

Catalin Stoiovici, Head of Engineering Delivery at Capco, discusses aligning engineering processes within an organisation that intensively shifts towards product discovery.

Internal Communication
Team Processes
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