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Jennifer Agerton

Jennifer Agerton

Chief Product Officer at AirHelp

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  • Thursday 2nd Dec4:00 PM (GMT)

I am a product leader currently living my dream as an expat in Spain. I’ve been building products for over 15 years now, and a few years ago I officially “crossed the chasm” into product leadership. Like many PMs, my path into product has been anything but a straight line, and I never cease to appreciate the diversity in thinking, variety in challenges, and continual focus on learning that comes with this discipline. I got my first taste of product development working at a small biotech start-up where I helped invent the company’s first product and have since been working with global teams across industries spanning C2C, B2B, and everything in between. As a leader, I have a strong passion for learning and growth, solving complex problems, and empowering both individuals and teams through a clear vision coupled with autonomy and ownership.

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How to Do Performance Reviews

2 July

Jennifer Agerton, VP of Product at letgo, outlines how to do performance reviews, making them the most interactive to ensure her reports’ continual growth.

Team Processes
Setting Up a Product Team for Success

2 July

Jennifer Agerton, VP of Product at letgo, reflects on her efforts to scale up a product team and set it up for success through a threefold action of introducing a new structure, new roles, and new ways of working.

Product Team
Developing a One-Year Execution Strategy

2 July

Jennifer Agerton, VP of Product at letgo, shares how she translated the long-term vision into an actionable, one-year execution strategy that created alignment and streamlined her team’s focus.

Product Team
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