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Brice Wu

Brice Wu

Head of Engineering at Komodo Health

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10 Years



Management Experience

Building a Team
Cross-functional collaboration
Data team

Hello everyone, I'm Brice Wu, currently Head of Engineering for Komodo Health (as the name implies, we're a Health Tech startup that's focused on patient level analytics based on our map of 320M+ patient lives). Prior to Komodo, I worked leading a variety of Product / Data / Program teams within Double Click Display Ad Services within Alphabet / Google for eight years, and before that, I got my MBA from UVA. Happy to talk through rapidly scaling organizations (Komodo has gone from 5 to 75 ENG while I've been there), making the transition to first / second / third line management, etc. I've been honored to have a great set of mentors throughout my career (some of whom have been working with me for the past 20 years), so I'm more than happy to pass this forward to the broader community.

Brice is not available in the next 4 weeks.


Head of Engineering

Komodo Health

Jul 2016 - current

Manager, Online Sales and Operations


Apr 2008 - Jul 2016

Lead large, multi-disciplinary teams of with cross organizational responsibility for: Product / Technology Management \* Product facing internal systems infrastructure development for 1,100+ global users \* Developed systems architecture spanning 5 core systems and 2 user facing portals to streamline internal operations and metrics reporting capabilities. \* Migrated 700+ users to new ticketing systems in under 6 weeks, including resolution of 160+ bugs and the development of 7 critical feature requests. \* Launched a project coordination / tracker for 500+ users, giving management visibility into project related data across the organization for the first time. \* Launched an internal CRM to 1,100+ users enabling cross organizational understanding of our customer support models Data Analysis and Architecture \* Directly responsible for initial creation of team, including staffing of 6 team members \* Developed the architecture for a canonical data source that integrates 15+ sources \* Reduced spending on vendors by a projected $5M+ through the creation of the “Pay Per Unit” pricing model that drove a la carte pricing for vendor operations. Vendor / Process Development \* Oversaw creation of an India based vendor team, including contract negotiation and pricing. 300+ vendors on boarded within 18 months across 5 distinct workflows that encompassed 10,000+ tickets per month, offsetting 86% of onshore ticket workflow. \* Transferred work from a US based vendor to Latin America, resulting in $1.2M in annual savings without loss of Customer Satisfaction or ticket Turn Around Time. \* Oversaw team of 13 FTE’s and 150 Vendors based in Manila that transferred an additional 39% of work (from 55% to 92%) offshore with 90+% CSAT

Principal Engineer, Development


Jan 2002 - Jan 2007

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