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Brad Jayakody

Director of Engineering at Motorway

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"You don't just build teams, you build culture". Over a quarter of a century of getting paid to build software. Or for the past decade, building teams and the structure around teams to help every single person succeed, build software fast, have fun, do it with style and a bit of sparkle. I've designed, implemented and successfully grown the Engineering Organisations at 2 widely successfully UK startups from Series B, one currently a unicorn, one about to be. Led departments of 250+ people and currently 150+ people. Both scaled up from 30 humans. "We throw impossible problems at you, either around people or technology. Your eyes light up, you like the challenge, you embrace it. The next time we see you, you've got a solution." That's what I like doing - a people first technology geek. I'm a techie that actually likes and is fascinated by people. Especially around building teams to deliver software that people use. Since 1998 I've been delivering large Enterprise websites and applications. Major emphasis on delivering. I get projects built. More importantly I lead teams in getting them built. I've lost count of the number of awesome people I've helped grow. In my spare time I also help organise and lead over 500 volunteers in running a homeless centre (East London Day Centre) for Crisis, during the Christmas period. Dabble in Astronomy. Do a lot of mental first aid support. Volunteer as a Ranger at various festivals, emergency first responders focusing on safety and specialising in peer-to-peer counselling and non confrontational mediation. Lead Ranger at a few festivals where I'm helping build out the teams. Help organise events and festivals which, ranging from 150 people to week long 2,500+ people events. Computers are fun, people are even more fun, working out how to get people to build software people use, lots and lots of fun.

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Balancing Technical Debt Innovation: How Roadmaps for Development Help Your Company Succeed

4 May

Brad Jayakody outlines the roadmap to maintaining a healthy balance between technical debt and team growth. However, just as balancing acts go it is important to have a strong foundation.

Tech Debt
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