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Blaine Holt

Head of Product at HATCH

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    Change is always a constant in the world of product, and is something that I crave, enjoy the challenge of and above all, love. Change allows new paths, new direction, and amazing outcomes. It is a true passion of mine to bring a new way of thinking, challenging the status quo, and always aim to craft a rich understanding of why people bring the products and services into their lives. I love everything there is do and learn in the world of Product. I have developed a strong understanding of contemporary product practices, and wish to grow in this space, creating an impact with everything and everyone I engage with. External engagement is an everyday task including communicating with customers, stakeholders, subject matter experts, monitoring macro and micro forces that impact both the customer and the products I manage, all whilst keeping my finger on the pulse of emergent technology. Internally, I bring the voice of the customer and vision to products and agile teams, creating and refining backlogs, ensuring true customer value and impact is achieved, and aim to create products that customers not only love, but want to buy. Looking to the future, I want to grow in the area of Product Management and have the opportunity to collaborate with innovative individuals, teams, and companies who are willing to push the boundaries, and create experiences for their customers that cater for their functional, emotional, and social dimensions.

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    How NOT to Introduce a New Revenue Model

    28 April

    Blaine Holt, Head of Product at HATCH, speaks of his failing to introduce a new revenue model as planned, as he shares some persuasive lessons.

    Managing Expectations
    Breaking Out of a Feature Factory

    28 April

    Blaine Holt, Head of Product at HATCH, discusses how a lack of strategic direction got his team stuck in a feature factory mindset that had them building features for the sake of building.

    Managing Expectations
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