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Ben Picolo

Ben Picolo

Engineering Manager at PolicyGenius Inc.

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  • Monday 6th Dec9:30 PM (GMT)

Hi everybody, I'm Ben! I'm currently managing several engineering teams at Policygenius, where we aim to get people the insurance they need and feel good about it. For the past year I've been diving deep on our connection to Life insurance carriers, where the domain is complicated and building a culture of reliability and excellence in engineering is so critical, because the technology is core to our business. I've mostly worked in small/medium companies (20-500 engineers) that have a lot of gaps to be filled. Platform teams are my bread and butter - teams that sit a layer of abstraction above SRE/DevOps (often called Infra or Core teams in many orgs) and take on projects that empower teams across all domains, such as search, access controls, feature flags, observability integration, and other shared architecture components. I spike on being a manager with a technical focus and team building, and I can help sort out some of the myriad challenges that can often come with teams shaped like this - like having to play the product manager and build a technically-focused roadmap. Because of the challenges of this sort of broad role, I'm deeply invested in the written side - postmortems, RFCs, design docs, strategy and strategy docs, and can help sharpen writing and drive a written culture. If you're trying to balance playing an appropriate technical role while also managing a team, or are looking to make broad impact as an engineer looking towards Staff-style IC roles, you might enjoy meeting with me!

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24 September

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24 September

Ben Picolo, Engineering Manager at PolicyGenius Inc., shares how together with his team, they gamified the whole technical debt solving process.

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