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Aurélien Pelletier

Aurélien Pelletier

CTO at ex PrestaShop

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  • Tuesday 30th Nov5:30 PM (GMT)

Head in the cloud, hands dirty, customer shoes Tech leader: with a proven 10 years track records at C-level jobs. Cloud pioneer: I started with AWS EC2 and then Google App Engine when they were launched. I was one of the first Google cloud authorized trainer in France. API expert: I started to work on REST API in 2007, in 2016 I designed and gave the API training for société général digital transformation program. Agile believer: while I value processes, tools, roadmap, documentation,... I value people, fast feedback and adaptation more Having worked both for a software editor and IT service companies I have broad experience and enjoy managing a technical department to have the most impact on the result of the organisation. I lead by the example with empathy for my collaborators. I present a clear vision and define ambitious yet realistic objectives. This way I build trust and set my teammates on a track to success. I have a strong background in web, open source and cloud technologies. I'm a firm believer in the agile manifesto and work mostly with Scrum or Kanban methods (only if they are backed by a development team practicing eXtreme Programming) I have an interest in both the technical side of ICT and its social impacts on society and organisations. But first I am a developer.

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How to Establish and Manage Expectations with the Business

17 December

Aurélien Pelletier, CTO at PrestaShop, details how to establish and manage expectations with the business and their often unrealistic requests.

Managing Expectations
Internal Communication
Helping Engineers to Become Successful Managers

17 December

Aurélien Pelletier, CTO at PrestaShop, shares how he helps his engineers to become successful managers by having them acquire a set of skills and quickly stepping out of their way.

Handling Promotion
Coaching / Training / Mentorship
Making Onboarding Part of the Interviewing Process

17 December

Aurélien Pelletier, CTO at PrestaShop, explains how a well-structured interview and real-life exercises that involve all members of the team can make onboarding more effective.

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