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I have been with Plato for more than two years. I focused on long-term mentorship with limited mentees. I'm here because I love seeing people grow, and I want to learn from other engineering leaders from all over the globe. I have experience in leading teams with various configurations, from a small team of two engineers to growing the team to 100 engineers. I predominantly worked in a startup environment but have experienced the corporate culture for the last two years. My professional career has been for 17 years, with 14 years in leadership. My responsibilities are People Growth & Management, Product & Business Strategies, Technical Directions, and Hands-On Implementation when required. I was one of the founding team members for four successful exits. Our latest acquisition is by Pine Labs, a successful tech unicorn in India. I can help you with people-related issues, your personal growth, and navigating your career move. I don't believe that a single mentoring session would be helpful. Book one session as a trial and be willing to commit for at least six months to get the best value.

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Team Leads as a Mini-CTOs

17 December

Arzumy MD, CTO at Fave, explains how he empowered his team leads to act as mini-CTOs and take ownership over their work.

Team Management
Internal Process Optimization
Leading as an Introvert

17 December

Arzumy MD, CTO at Fave, discusses the phenomenon of introverted engineers and how they can rise up to leadership roles.

Career Growth
When Letting It Go Is a Matter of Identity

17 December

Arzumy MD, CTO at Fave, recalls his efforts to let go of coding as he transitioned to a manager role and how that affected his understanding of self-identity as an engineer.

Transitioning into a New Management Role
Team Management
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