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Arpan Dalal

VP Engineering at RepairPal

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Engineering leader with proven record in leading design and development of high technology products, improving processes to drive quality, revenue, efficiency, and market share of startups as well as mid-size and fortune 500 companies. Managed distributed team of engineers in US, Europe, Asia & South Americas. Expertise in web and mobile applications, cloud infrastructure, eCommerce, B2C and B2B platform and marketplace, enterprise software, data pipelines, systems integration, payment processing and IoT. Hands-on experience with AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Jenkins, DropWizard, Vertx, GraphQL, GRPC, Docker, Terraform, DataDog, Kibana, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Node.js, React, Java, Grafana, Oracle, MySql, Spring, SonarQube, Bamboo, Maven, Workato, Magento, Ruby, Rails.

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When Legacy Codebase Stalls Innovation

19 September

Arpan Dalal, Sr. Director Engineering at RepairPal, shares how sticking to a functional, legacy codebase can stall innovation by deterring people from trying new things.

Innovation / Experiment
Dev Processes
Making Delivery Faster

19 September

Arpan Dalal, Sr. Director Engineering at RepairPal, explains how to make the delivery faster by improving critical processes.

Dev Processes
Team Processes
Building an Organization From the Ground Up

19 September

Arpan Dalal, Sr. Director Engineering at RepairPal, speaks of his effort to build an organization from the ground up in a brand new domain of the mom-and-pop gardening space.

Building A Team
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