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Hello I’m Arnulf Hsu, currently CTO at Arnulf is a serial entrepreneur and has been leading and running B2B enterprise software companies for the last 20 plus years, as CEO, CTO, Product Leader and Board Member. He has a unique consistent ability to evaluate business problems or customer pain and translate that into solutions customers love. He sits at the intersection of business, product and technology. His experience spans early-stage start-ups to acquisition, having sold 3 companies, including a product data business to NASDAQ:CNET in 2002, and most recently a leading SaaS Collaboration company Central Desktop to NYSE:PGI in 2014. Arnulf has run teams as small as 1 all the way up to 100+ and knows the different challenges and stages of scaling a business and a team. He is also an active advisor to early stage technology companies.

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Lessons From Setting Up an Insource Operations Offshore

3 May

Arnulf Hsu talks about his experience of setting up an offshore operation and the lessons he has learned.

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Working and Leading Remote Teams
Strategy and Vision
Internal Process Optimization
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