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Hi, I am Arka and, most recently, I have been a senior engineering manager at Braintree, a PayPal service. I have also managed engineering orgs at startups and in applied R&D where the rules of engagement were vastly different. I'm from Seattle, WA and have been a fully remote senior engineering leader for about 3 years and have been in engineering management for 5+ years. My goal is to help mentees transform into experts in the art and craft of engineering management by focusing on specific challenges they may be facing in their role as managers. Some of the topics that have come up in prior years of mentoring managers - turning business strategy into engineering strategy and tactics, building effective engineering teams, creating multi-year product and engineering roadmaps, lean but flexible processes, cross-organizational techniques to ensure transparency and trust, hiring/managing out appropriate talent, managing up/down/sideways and a host of other interesting challenges.

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