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Arjun Kannan

Co-founder at ResiDesk

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    Hi, I'm Arjun - I'm trying to build great teams, lasting companies, and useful products. I'm currently building something new at ResiDesk. Previously, I ran product, engineering, and data at Climb Credit, where we help people up their earning potential by giving them tools to find and finance great education. Before that, I worked at BlackRock, where I focused on portfolio analytics, reporting, developer experience, and later, leading product + engineering teams creating analytics software to help companies provide better financial advice.

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    Empowering a Small Tech Team to Take on More Responsibility

    16 July

    Arjun Kannan, CTO at Climb Credit, exemplifies how to set up a small tech team to harness more responsibility through communication, clear processes, and adaptation to new roles.

    Internal Communication
    Team Processes
    Agile / Scrum
    Avoiding Product Failure Through User Demand Testing

    16 July

    Arjun Kannan, CTO at Climb Credit, highlights the importance of getting a product into users hands to test its demand before investing time and resources into its complete development and possible long term failure.

    Product Team
    Data Team
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