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Arjita Ghosh

Arjita Ghosh

Director of Engineering at Quizlet

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Technology executive with more than 17 years of experience bringing innovative products and technology to consumers and businesses. Passionate about building customer-focused engineering teams with technical excellence and inclusion. I am currently leading the User Growth and Subscription business for Quizlet where I am responsible to understand our user, international market, and setting up strategy accordingly and executing it. In the last 16 years, I have been a key contributor in establishing company strategy, building empowered teams, defining and implementing multiple, complex projects, delivering on commitments, and making a critical impact on the company's future direction and success. I am a learner - always curious about cutting-edge technologies and new consumer products. My strength is building an empowered, inclusive, motivated customer-focused team and setting the strategic direction for the organization.

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    The Benefits of Returnship

    31 March

    Arjita Ghosh, Director of Engineering at Quizlet, explains how returnship benefits both people from non-traditional backgrounds re-enter the workforce and companies hiring them.

    Coaching / Training / Mentorship
    Career Path
    Pausing for Innovation

    31 March

    Arjita Ghosh, Director of Engineering at Quizlet, shares how intentional pausing can instigate innovation and boost productivity.

    Team Processes
    How to Retain Women Engineers

    31 March

    Arjita Ghosh, Director of Engineering at Quizlet, explains how to retain women engineers by safeguarding work-life balance and revising career ladders.

    Career Path
    Helping Your Reports Choose The Right Career Path

    31 March

    Arjita Ghosh, Director of Engineering at Quizlet, describes how she helps her senior engineers choose the right career path.

    Personal Growth
    Career Path
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