Archana Chaudhary

Archana Chaudhary

Engineering Manager at Adobe

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7 Years


Manager of ICs

Management Experience

Managing Up
Scaling Team
Coaching / Training / Mentorship
New Manager

When I was growing up in India, I always thought how can I help the people around me to be a happy, productive, healthy and great human beings. Just doing a task or finishing a project was never enough for me. Engineering management fits very well with my passion of computer science and touching people’s lives. The biggest purpose for my job is the team that I manage and the responsibility that I have to create a positive impact in their career. I have worked in startups with less than 10 engineers and in corporates with more than 10000 engineers. I have managed developers, quality engineers, managers, devops and infrastructure teams. All engineers are great if you give them the right project or convince them that the project is right for them.

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What To Do When Your Project Guidelines Are Not Clear
13 December

Archana Chaudhary discusses how to properly communicate with your project manager when they are making decisions without you.

Internal Communication
Managing Expectations
Archana Chaudhary

Archana Chaudhary

Engineering Manager at Adobe

From Individual Contributor To New Manager
11 July

Archana Chaudhary talks about the struggles she initially faced when she became a new manager, and how she worked through them to learn some valuable lessons.

New Manager
Health / Stress / Burn-Out
Archana Chaudhary

Archana Chaudhary

Engineering Manager at Adobe

How to handle the Performance Management of a Senior Team Member
11 July

Archana Chaudhary discusses how she dealt with the performance management of a senior architect who had become frustrated after a reorganization and had then become very rude towards his peers.

Conflict solving
Archana Chaudhary

Archana Chaudhary

Engineering Manager at Adobe


Women In Tech - Archana Chaudhary, Engineering Manager at Adobe

Archana Chaudhary is an Engineering Manager at Adobe. In this episode of Women In Tech, Archana talks about her career path, some of the challenges she has faced as a woman in tech, and how she helps younger women by mentoring them.
Archana Chaudhary


Senior Technology Lead

Digital Earth

Mar 2009 - Oct 2010

Digital Earth is creating a domain specific search engine for oil & gas industry related information. As a Senior Member of technical staff, my responsibilities include contributing to the web-based search product. \- Applying optimizations using Hibernate 2nd level cache to middle tier of the J2EE application. \- Designing the document classification and geo-tagging module with web-services API support. \- Writing user-stories to understand the application from user prespective. \- Participating in the first Road test to make the whole code base, robust and usable for new document inputs and new product development goals.

Staff Software Engineer


Oct 2001 - Mar 2009

Responsible for leading software design and development for new family of FPGA products. Collected design requirements and converted into product design specifications, managed resource allocation, managed software delivery and incorporated customer feedbacks. \-Extensive experience in FPGA architectures and modelling into software specifications. \-Leading the netlist import and export tools. \-Responsible for overall physical and timing constraints flow. \-Expert in RTL flows, synthesis, simulation and timing analysis. \-Led software development for low-power product families based on Actel technology platforms.

Member technical staff

Cadence Design Systems

Feb 1999 - Feb 2001

Worked on the schematic tool 'ConceptHDL' and Lead maintenance of Cadence Data structure for netlist designs. Awarded for contributions to web based IP management product by ORCAD corporation.

Senior Software Engineer


Jul 1997 - Feb 1999

Worked on the Verilog and VHDL based netlist abstraction tool. Contributed to a Property based formal verification tool to integrate capabilities of netlist optimizations in reducing the complexity for the target designs.

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