Anuj Vatsa

Anuj Vatsa

Engineering Manager at Carta

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  • Friday 27th May8:00 PM (GMT)

I am Engineering Manager at Carta managing the Captable product and the Reporting teams within our org. Some of my favorite topics to discuss and explore are IC to EM path, scaling teams, embracing change at hyper growth startups(how to succeed as an EM or an IC ), hiring, etc. Looking forward to meeting you :)

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2 Years


Manager of ICs


Financial Services / Fintech
Cloud Services
Computer Software

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Navigating Your Role Change: From IC to Engineering Manager

13 April

Anuj Vatsa, Engineering Manager at Carta, describes his journey of becoming an Engineering Manager and shares some tips for easing into this new role.

Managing Expectations
Handling Promotion
Personal Growth
Career Path
New Manager
Engineering Leadership
Technical Leadership
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