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Antonin Kral

Antonin Kral

VP Engineering at IP Fabric

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  • Thursday 16th Dec1:00 PM (GMT)

Hi everyone, My name is Antonin Kral and I am currently VP Engineering at IP Fabric. Previouslu, I've served as CTO of Showmax -- on-line VoD service for Africa. I’ve always wanted to follow the family tradition of working with technology. My first computer was a ZX Spectrum. I’m fascinated with complex systems, orchestrating communications, machine learning... everything around data and connecting things together. We have created a platform for on demand delivery of video over the internet called Showmax. I grew the engineering team from zero to 150 engineers as well as service to span the globe. Effort culminated in going through IPO/un-bundling process of MultiChoice Group listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Now, I have embarked on the journey to improve lives for people in emerging markets through data. I like working with smart people who can think through complex problems. I like people who listen, have self respect and show respect for others. Being reflective, and knowing how to contribute and be empathetic is what’s most important. Complexity requires cooperation. Looking forward to meeting you!

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Jun 2019 - current

Antonin's consultancy endeavor. Served in various positions on different projects. They typically encompass Engineering leadership with machine learning or high-scale distributed systems. Some highlights would be - Mayadata (Advisor & VP of Engineering (VPE) MayaData is a leading CNCF container attached storage provider. - MoistureGuard -- CTO (Formed an engineering team, designed IoT plaform for wooden buildings moisture measurement, implemented sw for acquisition gateways.) - DTOne -- CTO Data Plaform (DT One operates a global network for mobile top-up, rewards/incentives and airtime credit solutions.)



Oct 2015 - current

I serve as an advisor, helping to make choices about strategy, and mediating between key people. Recombee is a content recommendation engine, which we use at ShowMax. The generic approach of Recombee lets it be used in a limitless number of use cases, like jobs listings, publishing, or online video streaming.

Founder / CTO


Mar 2015 - Jun 2019

I kept an eye on the overall architecture, helping others understand, operate and extend the platform. I was responsible at both the technical and human levels. I’m always looking for what’s coming next so we can keep ahead and choose our path wisely. I directly managed the team of engineering team leaders. We have grown from 8 to 95 people within last 3 years. Our platform was developed completely in-house, and we are capable of delivering on demand video streaming around the world. I have chosen microservices as the way to go from the very beginning (2013), we ended up with 150+ different services running in more then 1100 containers. Internal logging and even processing infrastructure was crunching over 4 billion events every day. We also built own encoding platform and CDN for content distribution across Africa. Encoding platform is capable of h.264, h.265 (HEVC), VP9 and has experimental support for AV1. I navigated Showmax through IPO (un-bundling) process. This resulted in Showmax being part of newly created MultiChoice Group (MCG) listing on Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

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