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Andrew Miklas

Andrew Miklas

Co-founder at PagerDuty

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4 Years



Management Experience

Scaling Team
Sharing the vision
Team processes

Hi, I co-founded PagerDuty and scaled the engineering and product teams for six years. As the CTO, my role shifted from an individual contributor to a team manager to a manager-of-managers as the company and technical team grew. I especially like helping startup founders and early employees grow into technical leaders at their companies.

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  July 28, 2020
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A manager is the interface between the company vision and his team
6 December

One of Andrew’s engineering managers prioritized projects to please his developers. To ensure consistent product development, Andrew explains to the Engineering Manager what his responsibilities are towards the company.

Team reaction
Feelings aside
Company Culture
Internal Communication
Sharing the vision
Andrew Miklas

Andrew Miklas

Co-founder at PagerDuty

Making one-on-ones less related to day-to-day work.
6 December

Andrew shares how his approach to one-on-ones has evolved over time.

Team processes
Health / Stress / Burn-Out
Andrew Miklas

Andrew Miklas

Co-founder at PagerDuty


What is Engineering Management?
Andrew MiklasBenjamin De PointBrett Huff



s28 Capital

Dec 2017 - current

S28 Capital is an early stage venture fund based in San Francisco with $170M under management. The team generally invests at the Seed and Series A ($100k - $5M check sizes) across a wide spectrum of verticals. I'm focused mainly on Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses.



Jan 2009 - Aug 2016

Overall management responsibility for the engineering group at PagerDuty, including team buildout. Designed PagerDuty's highly available alert dispatch system. Co-created & designed the initial version of PagerDuty. Assist where needed in other executive functions such as legal & accounting.

Intern Software Development Engineer


Jan 2005 - Dec 2005

Created a distributed service to better refine Amazon’s customer recommendations. The service was required to operate in real-time while providing a high transaction rate and using as little hardware as possible. Designed, implemented, and maintained highly scalable and reliable software to an- alyze the performance and availability of Amazon’s distributed platform. Created a transactional, high-performance metric archiving system. Analyzed and devised variations on low-memory, single-pass statistical algorithms.

Intern Software Engineer


Jan 2002 - Jan 2004

Responsible for finding and correcting defects in the kernel and user mode components of a Windows NT family video miniport driver. Also responsible for implementing additional functionality as requested by marketing and customers. Specialized in programming the display block of a modern video accelerator.

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