Andrei Gavrila

Andrei Gavrila

VP of Engineering, Head of Development at Pentalog

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Hi, I'm Andrei! I am an experienced engineering leader with 16 years of experience building great products millions of users use worldwide. I've led teams of 60+ people with multi-million yearly budgets and coached teams, managers, and executives with hundreds or thousands of employees. At Pentalog, where I'm currently the Head of Product Development, I'm leading a department of more than 40 people that are supporting our operations and, most importantly, our group's hyper-growth. I've been responsible for evolving our information system to support the company's yearly growth of over 20%, creating the appropriate governance for delivering great value, and constantly adapting to our stakeholder requirements. As an engineering leader, I'm committed to creating winning conditions for my team and helping other leaders do the same. Contact me to learn more about how I can help you become a great engineering leader. I speak English, French, and Romanian.

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