Andrea Gonzalez

Andrea Gonzalez

Business Solutions Manager, GTM Engineering at Atlassian

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Based in San Francisco, Andrea leads the business systems analysis, program management and product management practises for Atlassian's Go-to-Market Sales and Marketing Engineering teams. In her global capacity, Andrea was named Australia Internet Retailings' Top 50 People in eCommerce for 2018 - ranked #40. Andrea's IT sales and marketing experience includes working in travel, retail, banking, employment services, FMCG, CPG, direct to consumer and software industries. In her last role as Treasury Wine Estates’ Director of Product Management, Andrea led a team of product managers, developers, UX/UI, systems integrators, project managers and engineers in transformation and continuous improvement omnichannel initiatives. Other experience highlights: + Over 12 years' experience across the full product lifecycle including: product development, product management, large-scale transformation projects, channel management, change management, project management, conversion optimization, full stack marketing, Martech & sales tech. + Andrea commenced her career as marketer, specializing in loyalty & retention as the Loyalty & Retention Manager for Coles online (Australia's #2 largest supermarket) + User Centered Design practitioner - recently studied UCD at Stanford University via its Extended Studies Program & IDEO Design Thinking Certification

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Transitioning from Marketing to Product: A Non-Tech in Tech
30 January

Andrea’s career has unfolded in some unexpected, challenging and exciting ways. In this story, she shares solid advice for people who are transitioning to an unfamiliar arena.

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Andrea Gonzalez

Andrea Gonzalez

Business Solutions Manager, GTM Engineering at Atlassian


Business Solutions Manager, Sales and Marketing Technology


Aug 2019 - current

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