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Andre Luiz Alcantara Chaves Bittencourt

Andre Luiz Alcantara Chaves Bittencourt

Software Engineering Manager at Templafy

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  • Tuesday 25th Jan4:00 PM (GMT)

I'm a father, husband, software engineer, leader, thought provoker, 1:1 architect, fully capable to read what was not written, fully capable to understand what was not said, and failed entrepreneur with over 16 years' experience working around the globe including countries like Brazil, United States, Sweden, Portugal, Poland and currently in the Netherlands. Solving problems on a daily basis not only for the fun but also for the passion of making people happy. After many years observing managers and leaders failing their teams, their people, their company, their customers ,and their users my mission became to change that forever, with a new leadership style, with a humanistic approach, liberator, servant and transformational, where the bottom-up intelligence emerge into the co-creation process, feeding an unprecedented learning loop between strategy and execution, enacting a culture of ownership, excellence and collaboration. Interests: leadership, psychology, anthropology, organization development, software development, management.

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Computer Software

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