Ananthanarayanan Ramachandran

Ananthanarayanan Ramachandran

Engineering Lead at Humanoo

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    Engineering Lead, Technical speaker and writer with 8+ years of experience in scaling up people, products, processes and services - technology at the heart of it. Led & delivered numerous distributed systems & architecture serving millions of people all over the world. Collaborated with cross functional stakeholders in defining & attaining quarterly OKRs and roadmaps by keeping the team motivated and focused towards the goals. Scaled up people by mentoring, collaboration, code reviews, 1-1s, performance review and mapping out personal growth plans to enable them to become better software engineers. Established engineering culture and practices where individuals and teams grow in a fostering environment. Making architecture decisions, planning & executing re-payment of technical debts and researching on latest technologies to assess its feasibility & necessity to the current product development. Strongly believe in sharing knowledge as a primary responsibility to give it back to the community. so I love mentoring/training Software Engineering professionals on building production-ready software. Delivering live trainings by collaborating with various training organizations like: NobleProg, non-profit organizations: Mentoring Club, Coding Coach Domains I've worked with: Healthcare, Banking, E-Wallet, HR platform, Wellness & Digital Health In Love with: People, Products, Event-driven, Microservices, Large scale distributed systems, DDD family I don’t wanna overwhelm my profile viewers by listing plethora of technologies I’ve worked with, here in summary section. Please visit skills section to find all the technologies I’ve worked with.

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