Anant Verma

Anant Verma

VP of Engineering at Hired

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14 Years



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Scaling Team
Data team

Hi everyone! This is Anant. I currently head up the Engineering, IT and Ops functions at Hired as VP of Engineering. Before Hired, I was at Birst for over 5 years running the engineering team there. And before that, I spent a little over a decade at Salesforce building various products before I moved into Engineering management in 2007. I am really excited to join the Plato community and work with many of you going forward.

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How To Attract New Hires When Constrained By a Budget
8 July

Anant Verma, VP of Engineering at Hired, outlines several hiring options available to startups constrained by a modest budget.

Anant Verma

Anant Verma

VP of Engineering at Hired

Building a Team From Scratch
8 July

Anant Verma, VP of Engineering at Hired, shares his experience of building a team from scratch and discloses how he recruited both internally and externally to ensure outstanding performance.

Large Number of Reports
Anant Verma

Anant Verma

VP of Engineering at Hired




Jun 2002 - Oct 2002

Designed and implemented the first prototype to support the founders’ vision of embedding Digital Rights Management in desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word using COM add-in technology

VP of Engineering

Hired, Inc.

Jun 2019 - current

Responsible for Engineering, Ops, IT & Support


Forbes Technology Council

Sep 2019 - current

Volunteer Instructor and Coach

Achievers School

Jun 2018 - current

Kindling passion for technology in young kids by running technology focused summer camps as well as evening and weekend workshops. A couple of upcoming camps I am hosting are: a) Python and Raspberry Pi Bootcamp ( b) Build your own website ( Planning to offer more workshops on basic computer science and coding skills as well as digital art & design. Stay tuned!

CTO and Co-Founder


May 2013 - Nov 2013

Responsible for the full technical stack of including running internal and production environments on AWS. Some of the technologies I am using with are Java, Spring, Hibernate, Javascript, Angular.js, jQuery and Bootstrap.



Oct 2002 - Feb 2003

Contributed C#/.Net code to Pilgrim’s SmartAudit Audit management system



Jan 2001 - May 2002

CommerceRoute was a startup company in B2B domain and came out with the idea of integration appliance, an innovative and original idea at that time, to distribute software in a box. I was involved in experimenting with many early technologies including XML based data interchange, SOAP based web services and clients, custom software installers written from ground up, Web based Workflow systems and Windows Update like system for CommerceRoute integration appliance. I performed most of my work using technologies such as C++, ATL/COM/DCOM using protocols such as SOAP, EDI, and Rosettanet.



Mar 2000 - Jan 2001

Designed and implemented a COM component to access, manipulate and synchronize the contact information between Microsoft Outlook and a database service using COM Add-in technology.

Member Technical Staff


Sep 1997 - Mar 2000

Designed lexical parsers using C, C++, Lex, Yacc, Perl and Omnimark to perform document format conversions from multiple formats (Lexis-Nexis proprietary markup format, WordPerfect, OCR’ed text documents) to SGML

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