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Anand Mariappan

Anand Mariappan

VP of Engineering at Impira

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10 Years



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Anand Mariappan is currently the VP of engineering at Impira. Previously, he was Senior Director of Engineering at Reddit, the 5th most visited site in the US, leading the charters for Search, Machine Learning, Data Science, Platform, and Operations to deliver personalized and relevant Reddit experiences across all platforms. Prior to that he led the redesign of the Reddit desktop experience and launched a native video platform that since drives over 1 billion monthly video views. Prior to Reddit, Anand spent eight years at Microsoft in various engineering leadership roles; the most notable being, an Engineering Manager for the PowerBI app experiences and cloud services team, in which he helped to drive the product as it scaled from 0 to 5 Million subscribers.

Hey, I'm available every Tuesday at 7:00 PM (GMT)

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  October 6, 2020
  7:00 PM (GMT)


Managing Stressful Situations and Consequential Randomization Caused by External Teams
2 May

Anand Mariappan, Senior Director of Engineering at Reddit, shares his advice for engineering managers who deal with the stress of the all too often sporadic demands and changes from external teams. In addition, he discusses several principles that aim at halting randomization and helping engineering teams stay focused on moving forward with their work, as well as, career alignment.

Managing Expectations
Internal Communication
Managing Up
Health / Stress / Burn-Out
Anand Mariappan

Anand Mariappan

VP of Engineering at Impira



Started.in Seattle

Aug 2013 - Aug 2015

Started In Seattle is an in-depth directory of all start-ups in Seattle. As co-ordinator, I meet with entrepreneurs doing great things throughout the city to profile their start-up, developing partnerships and more.

Graduate Research Assistant

Purdue University - Viper Lab

Aug 2007 - Sep 2008

Personal Dietary Assessment Using Mobile Devices Designed and implemented an image segmentation algorithm to identify different food items from a meal which can be used to estimate the diet of an individual. Designed a prototype of the User Interface for the mobile application using C# for the Windows Mobile Devices.

Software Engineering Intern


May 2007 - Aug 2007

Position measurement using Optical sensors Worked for the Google Maps street view team. Designed and implemented an optical based position measurement system for tracking the position of a scanning platform. Optical Sensor ADNS 3080 was used for the position measurement.

Associate Engineer


Oct 2005 - Jul 2006

Implementation & Optimization of Video Decoders on QUALCOMM DSP Processor Implemented standard video decoders (Windows Media Video 9 and Real Video 9) on the QUALCOMM DSP Processor. The implementation design flow was derived so as to get an optimized code in terms of memory and cycles.

Research Assistant


May 2005 - Aug 2005

A Watermark Scheme, to detect Manipulations of Faces in Videos Designed and implemented a Watermark scheme for integrity protection of videos with faces. The extended set of Haar Like Features was used for face detection. A binary feature mask was generated from the face detected and embedded as a watermark using Watermarking by DCT Coefficient Removal method.

Research Intern

Indian Institute of Science

Apr 2004 - Jun 2004

Speech Coding using Linear Prediction Linear predictive coding a model-based type of speech coding technique was explored. The Center-Clipping pitch detector and the Harmonic Product Spectrum algorithm were used for the pitch detection. Linear prediction and pitch detection algorithms are used to encode and decode speech signals. Scene Change Detection and Face Detection in a Full Motion Video Locating and tracking human faces is a prerequisite for face recognition and/or facial expression analysis. Scene change detection and face detection in a raw format video has been implemented. The principle of Twin Comparison Approach is used to detect the abrupt and gradual scene changes and for face detection the Skin Color Modeling and Template Matching approach is used.

Research Intern

Indian Institute of Science

Apr 2003 - Jun 2003

Blind Source Separation based on multi stage ICA combining Frequency Domain & Time Domain ICA The concept of Frequency Domain Independent Component Analysis Algorithm is used for Blind Source Separation. The ICA algorithm was implemented in MATLAB. Using a 3-D room simulator the synthesized speech signals are mixed. The source signals are estimated using only the information of mixed signals.


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