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Amrita Thakur

Amrita Thakur

Director of Product Management at D2L Inc.

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Product management professional with diverse expertise across product design, engineering and product strategy. Passionate about building great products in education. Understands business needs and can translate between technical and business communities to resolve strategic business issues and develop solutions to complex challenges. Proven track record of cross-functional collaboration across the board. Extensive experience in the start-up space and building products from concept to launch.

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    6 Years


    Manager of Managers


    Education / eTech
    Cloud Services

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    Being a Remote Product Manager

    17 December

    Amrita Thakur, Director of Product Management at D2L Inc., taps into her experience of being a remote product manager and the only remote person on the team.

    Product Team
    How to Handle Customer Escalation

    17 December

    Amrita Thakur, Director of Product Management at D2L Inc., discusses how to handle customer escalation from a Product perspective and what to do when a customer is a poor fit.

    Managing Up
    Managing Expectations
    Aligning Product Strategy With B2B Customer Requirements

    17 December

    Amrita Thakur, Director of Product Management at D2L Inc., shares her approach of aligning B2B product strategy with customer requirements by regularly communicating both with external and internal stakeholders.

    Managing Expectations
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