Alexandra Sobhani

Alexandra Sobhani

Manager of Web Engineering at Signafire

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Hey! I'm Alexandra - I manage the web engineering teams (13 direct reports) at a small data analytics company in soho nyc. They work in Angular/React/Node and Clojure. Previously I was tech lead for a team of full stack developers at ADP's innovation lab and a data analytics consultant at Accenture. I co-organize the Women Tech Leaders NYC meetup I read 128 books in 2018 (beating my 96 from 2017) Slack me about hiring, team culture, orchestrating large scale rewrites, productivity/morale, introvert-extrovert relations, or just to say hi!

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Investigating the Need For Rewriting a Code Base and Then Successfully Doing So

27 February

Alexandra Sobhani, Manager of Web Engineering at Signafire, demonstrates how she discovered the need for a code base rewrite within her company and how she managed to make it work with a quick turn around.

Toxic Atmospheres
Sourcing, Interviewing, and Hiring When Time is Sensitive

27 February

Alexandra Sobhani, Manager of Web Engineering at Signafire, describes how she went above and beyond to quickly source, interview, and hire new engineers when more than half of her team quit at the dawn of her new role as manager.

Scaling Team
Health / Stress / Burn-Out
Gaining Team Respect as a New Manager

27 February

Alexandra Sobhani, Manager of Web Engineering at Signafire, shares a personal story where she felt unwanted by one or more of her new engineers and how she overcame this, gaining the respect she needed as a manager.

Personal Growth
Internal Communication
Changing Company
New Manager
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