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Alex Kroman

Alex Kroman

SVP of Engineering at New Relic, Inc.

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Hello 👋

Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Hi everyone! I'm SVP of Engineering at New Relic where I've worked for the last 7 years building and scaling an incredible engineering team. Looking forward to meeting other engineering leaders in this group and sharing as many of the mistakes I've made as possible :visage_légèrement_souriant: Feel free to reach out and say hi!

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    How to Attract Engineers When Your Company Scales Massively

    2 July

    Alex Kroman, SVP of Engineering at New Relic, shares his thoughts on sourcing and attracting the best candidates to your company and offers some hands-on advice for hiring on a massive scale.

    Scaling Team
    Formalizing Career Conversations

    21 May

    When an employee survey highlighted that many engineers were unsatisfied with their career planning, we further investigated the issue and helped to formalize a best practice to eradicate it.

    Cross-Functional Collaboration
    Career Path
    Building Career Ladders with the Help of a Diverse Team

    21 May

    Alex Kroman, SVP of Engineering at New Relic, depicts an inspiring tale of how a cross-functional group of diverse ideas and opinions came together to create a well-defined, formal career ladder.

    Managing Expectations
    Cross-Functional Collaboration
    Career Path
    Pay Equity Improves Your Company’s Performance

    21 May

    Alex Kroman, SVP of Engineering at New Relic, explains how introducing pay equity positively affected his company both internally and externally.

    Salary / Work Conditions
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