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Alessandro Pintaudi

Alessandro Pintaudi

Product Management Director at PayFit

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    Building products since the age of 5, using LEGOs. Lately enabling cross-functional teams to deliver user-centric experiences on eCommerce and SaaS products.

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    6 Years


    Manager of ICs


    Travel Services
    Financial Services / Fintech
    Human Resources

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    Hiring the Right Product Person for Your Team

    18 August

    Alessandro Pintaudi, Product Management Director at Payfit, dissects all the aspects of the hiring process that will enable you to hire a product person who will take your product to the next level.

    Product Team
    Building a New Product Hub From Scratch

    18 August

    Alessandro Pintaudi, Product Management Director at Payfit, shares some of his tips for setting up a new product team from scratch at a location other than the headquarters.

    Product Team
    Developing High Performing Teams: How To Transform a Software Developer Into a Product Engineer

    30 May

    Alessandro Pintaudi, Product Management Director at Payfit, comes up with an exciting proposal of transforming software developers into product engineers by establishing cross-functional context analysis and shared objectives.

    Product Team
    Cross-Functional Collaboration
    How To Identify the Right Product To Build

    19 May

    Alessandro Pintaudi, Product Management Director at Payfit, talks about how teams need to focus more time on building the right things and how to keep doing it with scale.

    Goal Setting
    Managing Expectations
    Product Team
    Dev Processes
    Internal Communication
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