Alessandro Bahgat Shehata

Alessandro Bahgat Shehata

Staff Software Engineer/Engineering Manager at Google

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    Entrepreneurial Technical Lead/Manager with broad experience in early stage projects. Strong track record of working with cross-functional teams, designing large scale distributed systems, building consumer-facing products, iterating rapidly based on experiment results and building happy, diverse, high-performing teams. I am a generalist at heart thanks to my background in academia, consulting and product development. My strengths include deep technical foundations, solid product sense and the ability to learn quickly about different business domains and industries. I enjoy work that is at the intersection of multiple disciplines, solving problems that are genuinely complex and require a cross-functional team to solve. When faced with adversity, I keep a positive, proactive attitude, maintaining focus on the mission and the team.

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    Flexing Your Management Style

    22 April

    Alessandro Bahgat Shehata, Founder in Residence at Google, discusses how to adjust one’s management style to fit people with different needs and expectations.

    Encouraging Your Team to Make Decisions Autonomously

    22 April

    Alessandro Bahgat Shehata, Founder in Residence at Google, explains how he made his team more autonomous and willing to proactively solve problems by simplifying a decision-making process.

    Team Processes
    How to Bring New People to Your Team

    22 April

    Alessandro Bahgat Shehata, Founder in Residence at Google, speaks of bringing new people to his team and how making candidates excited about joining, as opposed to assessing their skills, made all the difference.

    Building A Team
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