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Adir Nashawi

Senior Product Manager at Hibob

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My name is Adir and I am a people person (who likes to remember the little details about people), a product manager, a foodie and a dog lover (not necessarily in this order) and these are the top facts about myself and my expertise that you didn't know: 🎯 I am a product manager with 8+ years of experience building, managing and scaling consumer and B2B SaaS products from scratch with great success 🎯 Making my users fall in love with the product and become fans is my addiction 🎯 When I will be interviewed by “Forbes” I’ll tell them that every great product holds priceless teamwork – it’s how I lead my day to day and how I built and launched dozens of features through customer-centred design 🎯 My superpower is being an active listener who knows how to transform feedback into shared product visions that lead teams to deploy innovative products that produce measurable results at scale 🎯 My obsession is to dig deeper into clients pains and keep asking why; then create the value 🎯 My belief is to always gain and share knowledge, whether from other teammates or individually. For this reason, I’ve enrolled in this mentorship program! When I’m not making my impact at work, I like… 🔸Being a proud co-parent of my dog, Bruno (which means that I’ve got endless photos to share if you dare ask) 🔸To go hiking and explore new places around the world. I’ve travelled to 31 countries so far (and counting)! 🔸Hanging out with friends (Netflix is great, but my people are better) 🔸To cook for friends and family and host festive dinners (my best dish is Ceviche!) Now it’s time for you to reach out! 👋🏼

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How to Successfully Rebuild Your Product

6 June

Adir Nashawi, Senior Product Manager at Hibob, shares his insight and experience from rebuilding a product to handle many feature requests and offerings.

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