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Adi Khurana

Adi Khurana

Sr. Team Manager at Box, Inc.

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  • Saturday 27th Nov12:30 AM (GMT)

Engineering leader with focus on improving people and processes – mentoring teams to stay aligned with business goals, navigating complex situations to maintain order in chaos and learning along the way. I started my career as a software engineer in 2005. I have gained experience working with multiple startup companies – learning ins and outs of engineering and leadership – writing code, managing teams, creating products that scale and learning from people around me. What you can expect from me: - Focused to improve people and processes around me - Detailed oriented with strong collaboration skills - Strong communication skills - Leadership style based on empathy and making others successful - Data-driven and always learning I have 10+ years of experience writing code (JavaScript, React, PHP, Python), working on distributed systems, improving performance, developing features and working with agile methodology. I have 8+ years of experience in technical leadership – hiring, managing teams, handling end-to-end software development and turning business ideas into growth and revenue products.

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Computer Software

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Handling Layoffs for the First Time

2 July

Adi Khurana, Director of Engineering at Edmodo, knows how difficult it can be when extenuating circumstances force a leader to say goodbye to team members prematurely.

Feelings Aside
Flexibility and Listening as a Manager

2 July

Adi Khurana, Director of Engineering at Edmodo, found himself in exactly the right place at the right time when the pandemic hit.

Internal Communication
Team Processes
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