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Abhishek Bambha

Abhishek Bambha

Head Of Recommendations at Roku (Ex Twilio, Marketo, Myspace)

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9 Years



Management Experience

Scaling Team
Data team


Marketing & Advertising

Happy Friday All, I am Abhishek, I work at Roku(NYSE: ROKU) as Head of Recommendations - https://www.linkedin.com/in/abambha/ I am in the bay area(peninsula specifically). If you like meeting new people and have an interest in AI/ML(or learning one), teams or enjoy biking and/or tennis(2.5 :)) let's get in touch!

Hey, I'm available every Wednesday at 3:30 PM (GMT)

Next time slot available
  July 29, 2020
  3:30 PM (GMT)

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Project Estimation Using T-Shirt Sizes
17 July

Abhishek Bambha describes how and why he uses t-shirt sizes as a method to categorize time estimates for software projects.

Abhishek Bambha

Abhishek Bambha

Head Of Recommendations at Roku (Ex Twilio, Marketo, Myspace)

The Evolution of an Enterprise’s Architecture
17 July

Abhishek Bambha outlines four critical phases that impact how architectural decisions are made.

Dev Processes
Users Feedback
Abhishek Bambha

Abhishek Bambha

Head Of Recommendations at Roku (Ex Twilio, Marketo, Myspace)


Managing Distributed Engineering Teams

Leaders from Twilio, GitHub, Brex, and Karat discuss how they manage disstributed teams.

Abhishek Bambha


"Managing Distributed Teams" with Brex's CTO, Twilio's Sr Director of Eng, and GitHub's Senior Eng Manager

Hear from leaders from Twilio, GitHub, and Brex, and Karat on how to manage distributed teams

Abhishek Bambha


Managing Distributed Teams

Hear from senior engineering leaders from GitHub, Twilio, and Brex on best practices around managing distributed teams.

Abhishek Bambha


Sr Director Of Eng

Twilio Inc.

Jan 2019 - current

Leading AI/ML charter to build the best in class Marketing and Growth Platform for our customers. Come and help me build the world-class customer engagement platform.


Various companies

Apr 2019 - current

The/Studio. Plato, VIDA

Director of Engineering


Sep 2015 - Mar 2017

Heading Fulfillment, OMS, CSM and New product development teams at Minted. Noticeable achievements: \* 2 strong Q4's of fulfillment and supply chain operations. 27k orders/hr processed at peak. Least amount of broken orders through a set of advanced API integrations with the partners. \* Develops a technology through which company can efficiently(most cheaply) match customer promise delivery date regardless of possible delays in the complex supply chain (consist of DA proofing, printing, and shipping) is groundbreaking to achieve higher NPS score in industry. \* B2B integration and created Fulfillment as a platform. \* Develops a technology to deploy robotic arm in the supply chain to cut Art Matte and hence launch new Art formats for several thousand designs lifting the Art ATV for 2016 \* Driven much other new product, cost savings and scaling initiatives as part of company strategy.

Engineering Manager


May 2011 - Sep 2015

At Marketo, I help scale the solution for enterprise customers with the 100MM lead database. Revolutionalize Marketo backend with No SQL/Solr databases and have all complex Smart campaign query execution over it. Experienced in running multiple projects parallel through all aspects like scope, costing, architecture, development, automation, and deployment. Lead multiple legacy projects in the early phase of Marketo like Forms and lead processing, Landing Pages and emails backend. Build SOA's from scratch for Marketo UI app.

Sr Staff Developer. Activities Streams, Media Technologies


Oct 2007 - Jan 2011

Developed products for Stream to make it fast, fresh, intelligent and user friendly. Architect and developed Media Encoder, copyright protection and thumbnail generation platforms that made MySpace a leader in media and content industry.


Language Center, University of Southern California

Jan 2006 - Sep 2007

Architect and Developed 3D Learning Game. Help international students to learn different languages in interactive way at their comfort. Provide teachers a way to grade students and generate reports on bases of in build tests.

Software Developer

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), INDIA

Aug 2004 - Jun 2005

Architect and Developed Web Based CSR and User Interface. By providing customers, the facility to access their mobile accounts via Internet and Customer Service Representative quick and efficient access to huge databases for viewing relevant Bill and Order Management.

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