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Rajat Chowdhary

Rajat Chowdhary

Engineering Manager at Atlassian

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks


    Hi everyone!

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    Manager of ICs

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    How to Run Horizontal Teams At Scale

    13 August

    Rajat Chowdhary, Engineering Manager at Atlassian, tells how he transformed a poorly functional, ad hoc team into a high-delivering, forward-thinking agile team.

    Scaling Team
    Team Processes
    How to Encourage Innovation in a Large Organization

    13 August

    Rajat Chowdhary, Engineering Manager at Atlassian, uncovers what it takes to do a virtual hackathon that resulted in 100+ innovative solutions from over 200 team members in the Business Unit.

    Innovation / Experiment
    Developing a Rewards and Recognition Program

    13 August

    Rajat Chowdhary, Engineering Manager at Atlassian, shares how he helped develop the Reward and Recognition program that acknowledged his engineers’ hard work and rewarded them for their contribution .

    Company Culture
    Team Processes
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