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Michael Vanhoutte

Michael Vanhoutte

SVP Engineering at Ontoforce

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  • Monday 27th Dec5:00 PM (GMT)

No matter what my title is, the same elements always drive me in my professional life: 1. Organizational impact: shape the technical direction of the company; bring structure in chaos; give clarity and guidance to the development teams 2. Coach and lead development teams - help individuals and teams mature - help them with their (technical) challenges - guide them on vision, processes, design choices, way of working 3. Solve technical problems: take a (business) problem and translate it into a technical solution that is feasible, functional, maintainable, performant, cost-effective, supportable… 4. Work closely with the development teams - working with developers daily helps to earn their trust and prevents an ivory tower - I challenge the teams, but I’m also challenged by them 5. Hands-on the keyboard: Getting my hands dirty now and then, allows me to stay close enough to the technology

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Some Challenges I Faced When Growing in My Role

13 November

Michael Vanhoutte, Chief Architect at Aprimo, shares four key challenges he faced as he was growing in his role, expanding his technical expertise and climbing up a career ladder.

Personal Growth
Career Path
Are We Solving the “Right Problems”?

13 November

Michael Vanhoutte, Chief Architect at Aprimo, discusses why it is important to establish that a problem you are trying to solve is the right one and how the engineering obsession with ‘fixing the problems’ can lead us astray.

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SVP Engineering


Oct 2020 - current

Chief Architect


Feb 2017 - Dec 2020


Adam Software

Dec 2009 - Feb 2017

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