Lucas Brunialti

Lucas Brunialti

CTO at Cobli

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- Experience as a manager of engineers and as a manager of managers; - Able to lead a large group of Engineers and PMs towards a business goal and develop their careers; - Able to deal with new technologies and ability to learn very fast; - Excellent programming skills in Procedural, Object Oriented and Functional programming, mainly Java and Scala/JS; - Experience in prototyping and analyze data (mainly in python with numpy/scipy/scikit/jupyter/pandas...); - Experience in GPU programming (matrix factorization - CUDA/cuBLAS); - Publications in the area of Computer Science; - Experience with SQL/NoSQL databases as Ops; - Experience with distributed systems as a Dev and as a Ops (Cassandra/Spark/Kafka/Redis/Elasticsearch); - Able to analyze data (big data) and make predictive models (Machine Learning); - Experience with Recommendation Systems; - International experience, study in Berkeley, CA - USA for 2 months and took a course of NoSQL Apache Cassandra in San Francisco, CA - USA; - Experience in the development of Web Services REST (JSON/Protobuf) and concurrent software; - Operation skills in the cloud (AWS - Linux)

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