Lakshmi Baskaran

Lakshmi Baskaran

VP of Engineering at SEDNA Systems

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    I would like to describe myself as a tech leader with a focus on building high performing teams. I thrive in work environments which compel me to use the left and right side of my brain. I enjoy assignments which involve a blend of logic, creativity and making an impact. Working in new / innovative, fast-paced high-growth work environment excites me. I enjoy working in - teams which aspire to be industry leaders; roles that challenge me to continuously unlearn and learn; organization which fosters a spirit of collaboration and competition.

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    An Integral Career Progression Path for Engineering Teams

    18 August

    Lakshmi Baskaran, VP of Engineering at SEDNA Systems, shares how to develop a holistic career progression path by including three layers of professional competencies for engineers.

    Career Path
    The Problem of a Time-Quality Tradeoff

    18 August

    Lakshmi Baskaran, VP of Engineering at SEDNA Systems, explains how to successfully solve the problem of a time-quality tradeoff by introducing a “time-quality sensitivity rubric” during early and conceptual stages of development.

    Managing Expectations
    Internal Communication
    Cross-Functional Collaboration
    Fostering a Culture That Celebrates Failures and Successes Equally

    18 August

    Lakshmi Baskaran, VP of Engineering at SEDNA Systems, describes how to foster a culture that equally celebrates failure and success. She discusses initiatives that organizations can adopt to encourage teams to try innovative ideas without being fearful of being judged for failed outcomes.

    Managing Expectations
    Company Culture
    Team Reaction
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