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Julius Uy

Julius Uy

VP of Engineering at Hubble

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I currently lead the engineering team at Hubble as the VP of Engineering. My day to day work includes mentoring, unblocking people, driving coordination and alignment across multiple product lines and departments. Prior to Hubble, I head the Mobile and TV engineering teams at Rakuten Viki. We found reasonable success being featured in Google I/O, WWDC, several Google case studies, Android Excellence, and in several news sites and tech blogs. We worked on projects such as Siri, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Google Play Instant, Google Home, Chromecast, Chrome OS, and Smart Displays. Apart from my day to day work, I am the chapter lead of Google Developer Group in Singapore and I mentor Software Engineering Leaders at Plato. I also travel around the world to speak in community events such as DroidCon, Google I/O Extended, Cloud Next Extended, and DevFest.

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