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Julius Uy

Julius Uy

VP of Engineering at Hubble

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4 Years


Manager of Managers

Management Experience

Cultural differences
Sharing the vision
New Manager
Conflict solving
Cross-functional collaboration
Personal growth
Toxic atmospheres
Company Culture
Team processes
Managing Expectations
Scaling Team
Building a Team


Aviation & Aerospace
Industrial Engineering
Computer Software
Entertainment, Media & Music

I currently lead a team of around 20 young and talented team at Hubble as the VP of Engineering. My day to day work apart from working with the engineers to unblock and solve issues includes working with the PM team, Design, DevOps, Data, and BizOps. Prior to Hubble, I head the Mobile and TV engineering teams in Rakuten Viki. We found reasonable success being featured in Google I/O, WWDC, several Google case studies, Android Excellence, and in several news sites and tech blogs. We worked on projects such as Siri, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Google Play Instant, Google Home, Chromecast, Chrome OS, and Smart Displays. Apart from my day to day work, I volunteer as the organizer of Google Developer Group in Singapore. I also travel around the world to speak in community events such as DroidCon, Google I/O Extended, Cloud Next Extended, and DevFest.

Hey, I'm available every Saturday at 2:00 AM (GMT)

Next time slot available
  July 18, 2020
  2:00 AM (GMT)

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