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Fayssal Loussaief, an award-winning Product Manager with over 12 years of experience in digital technology. I am passionate about helping others reach their full potential and have a proven track record of innovating digital products and services, creating commercial value and building cross-functional innovation capabilities. My experience ranges from leading CX and products for Brilliant Basics, an Infosys company and founding my own SaaS platform, The Good Workshop (TGW) to focus on product design innovations, workshop collaboration and evaluate the effectiveness of these initiatives. My strengths include being an accessible leader, adept technical communicator and able to raise funding through innovative business cases. I am a specialist in digital transformation initiatives, with a deep understanding of the fintech sector and my skills and areas of expertise include: Product strategy and roadmap development User research and customer validation Agile methodologies and Scrum framework Cross-functional team management and leadership Data-driven decision making Digital transformation acceleration and incubation of start-ups. I am available for mentoring on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and am open to working with mentees in any location or time zone. My mentoring style is based on active listening, clear communication, and a focus on actionable feedback and goal-setting. In addition to my professional achievements, I am a recipient of multiple industry design awards and have international experience across various industry sectors such as FMCG, finance, oil and gas, automotive, and emerging technology. I am dedicated to delivering impactful, engaging and simple solutions that grow revenue, improve customer engagement, retention and cross-sell opportunities, and delivering products and growing innovation capabilities through autonomy, alignment, and accountability. Don't hesitate to reach out if you are interested in working together to achieve your professional goals in product management and digital transformation.

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