Daniel Short

Daniel Short

Senior Engineering Manager at Costar Group

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7 Years


Manager of Managers

Management Experience

Building a Team
Feelings aside
Conflict solving
Toxic employee
Team processes
Agile / Scrum
Health / Stress / Burn-Out

I am an author, trainer, developer, and leader with over 20 years of IT and web experience. I enjoy helping people build amazing products, learning every day through hiring and working with people smarter than I am, teaching and inspiring others, and making a difference somewhere while getting paid well to do it. I use my communication and leadership skills to improve processes and grow teams to build bigger and better enterprise-level solutions. Teaching and mentoring have always been a passion of mine. I've co-authored or authored several books directly related to the web and Adobe technologies including the Magic and Hands-On-Training series. I've also recorded several video training titles for lynda.com and taught ColdFusion in the classroom for Sterling Ledet and others.

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  June 29, 2020
  1:00 PM (GMT)

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