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Ben Coats

Ben Coats

Vice President of Technology at Quest Mindshare

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Unfortunately, I don't have any available slot for the next 4 weeks

    I have spent the last 20 years in software development, and loved every minute of it. Much of that time has been spent in technical leadership, architecture, and senior IC-type roles, across a wide variety of industry verticals and technology stack. (Although the last 6 years or so has been primarily focused on modern Javascript and Java.) As an engineer, I am full-stack in the truest sense of the word, accustomed to working cross-functionality across the entire platform, even crossing into the devops realm. As an engineering leader, I have been responsible for bringing projects over the finish line ranging from 2-man teams, to engagements with scores of engineering resources. Over the last few of years I have settled into more of a Principal Engineer (or Solutions Architect, depending on who you work for) type of role; and most recently, into engineering leadership. I have always had a very strong interest in/passion for Product, and where I bring most value to the table is working with product to figure out exactly what they want to build; coming up with a way for us to build it; and doing my part in ensuring that we execute and deliver on that vision. This often starts with coming up with options for consideration on-the-spot which will support incremental delivery of the end goal; defining a high-level design; identifying the teams who will do the work; and helping ensure that engineering can deliver on Product's vision. Although my role tends to have some overlap in project, product, and engineering management, first and foremost I consider myself an engineer. While my normal work day typically constitutes being in 10 hours of meetings with people from all levels of the organization, those meetings are just as likely to be paring with developers as helping build out a product roadmap, or trying to sell C-level executives on investing in a strategic development initiative.

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    Leveraging Professional Strengths to Overcome Personality Differences

    17 May

    Ben Coats, Director of Technology Operations at Quest Mindshare, recalls alining four incredibly bright, yet profoundly different engineers and leveraging their distinct strengths to develop a brand new API.

    Different Skillsets
    Play to Their Strengths: Effectively Utilizing Offshore Resources in the Face of Deep-Rooted Prejudice

    17 May

    Ben Coats, Director of Technology Operations at Quest Mindshare, discussed how entrenched racial biases can compound the implicit challenges of utilizing offshore resources and one way to overcome those difficulties.

    Cultural Differences
    Know When To Walk Away: Handling a Toxic Working Environment

    15 June

    Ben Coats, Solutions Architect at InfoArmor, shares how continual denial of his formal advancement and an overall lack of understanding impacted his self-confidence and feelings of professional worth.

    Feelings Aside
    Toxic Atmospheres
    Adjusting Your Working Style to Agile Practices and Mindset

    15 June

    Ben Coats, Solutions Architect at InfoArmor, recalls how he had to adjust his personal working style of non-linear thinking and coding, to the shifting priorities and incremental delivery of Agile development.

    Agile / Scrum
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