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Arun Krishnaswamy

Arun Krishnaswamy

Director at Workday

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  • Friday 31st Dec8:00 PM (GMT)

Over 20 years of experience with large datasets, statistical methods, machine learning and software systems. * Manage mid and large-size engineering & data science teams working on BIG DATA infrastructure. * Deep Learning expertise – AI Bots, NLP engines, Large Scale Anti-Phishing, Fraud Detection * Domain Agnostic – Building AI Solutions for Advertising, Retail, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Finance * One of the 1st Hadoop Programmers in the World with 12+ years’ experience in BIG DATA systems. * Worked extensively in Online Advertisement Space (including patented work) * Hands on experience on data driven business process modeling, data analysis, statistical testing (A/B) * Technical experience with some of the world’s largest data warehouses, generating business insights. * Fluent in techniques from Mathematics and Statistics: Statistical modeling, Simulation Studies, Regression Analysis, Statistical Genetics, Bayesian Statistics, Data Mining, Predictive Modelling * Fluent in programming for cloud computing (HADOOP, AWS, Tensor Flow, SPARKML, Google Cloud) * Strong expertise in R, Python, Excel Macros, Tableau, Visual Basic and SQL.

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Building an Efficient Data Science Team While Still Being Agile

28 July

Arun Krishnaswamy, Director of Data Science at Workday, describes how to build a data science team emphasizing the difference between software development lifecycle and data science methodology.

Data Team
Agile / Scrum
How Do You Handle an Underperforming Employee

28 July

Arun Krishnaswamy, Director of Data Science at Workday, explains how he defines underperformance and how that affects his handling of underperforming employees.

Managing Expectations
How to Prevent a Single Point of Failure

28 July

Arun Krishnaswamy, Director of Data Science at Workday, elaborates on how he approached a single point of failure problem while sharing three key tips (or guardrails) on how to prevent it.

Different Skillsets
Internal Communication
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