Olexander (Alex) Neskin

Olexander (Alex) Neskin

CTO Co-founder at Petcube

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My name is Olexandr (Alex) Neskin. I'm co-founder and CTO of www.petcube.com, a technology company dedicated to connecting pets to the internet and giving them a voice. For the past 10 years we: - scaled the team from 3 to almost 100 employees, shrink during the pandemic in half, became profitable. - went from 3,000 stores worldwide to sharp focus on online sales channels - developed 9 versions of camera products with complex mechanics constantly improving quality - manufactured and shipped 500k+ products worldwide I'm interested in manufacturing management and producing high quality consumer electronics at scale. If you are seeking how to: - manage hardware and software distributed team produce hardware in China - finding right suppliers for your next consumer electronics product - managing NPI (new product introduction) and scaling manufacturing - raising quality of your hardware product - managing returns of consumer electronics - delivering products fast in the most optimal way Feel free to book available slots. I will be happy to help!

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