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Hi Everyone, I'm Rodaan! I am currently an Engineering Manager who is currently leading the product engineering team at is a Series B startup backed by YCombinator and a16z. We are building the first AI powered Video Security Product for physical security. I was the first overall hire of the company and have built the product from zero to what we sell to Fortune 500 companies today. I know what it takes to build a company from 3 people to over 100 and because I've was so early, I have also experience in Customer Success and Selling to Enterprise companies. I have a lot of experience in working in startups environments and have gone through the rigors of scaling companies. I've been lucky enough to have two companies I've worked at go through exits and know what it takes to get to an exit (IPO or Acquisition). Through my current company, I have experience in building Computer Vision, AI, Data Infrastructure, Video Streaming, and IoT platforms. I also have experience in Gaming, Marketing Automation, and SEO from prior companies. I've built Design, Mobile, and Web teams from scratch and am able to provide insight in those areas and through several companies I have personally angel investing in have provided consulting services to. I've also gone through the transition from Individual Contributor to Management so I'm happy to share thoughts there as well.

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