Bobby Asher

Bobby Asher

Sr Engineering Manager at Meta (Facebook, Oculus, & Family of Apps)

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Over 13+ years of experience in building products, scaling and stabilizing engineering teams. My teams work on systems that support large scale message processing, storage and distribution of market data and news feeds. I lead the Platform Services group within the Market data platform which powers the Bloomberg Terminal and the Bloomberg Market Data feed (BPIPE) products. Things that excite me - Design Large Scale Distributed Systems, Coaching, Mentoring and building teams. Building systems that last and can scale. Outside work I am a wannabe chef and Food Network enthusiast. Currently a student of meditation. Soccer consumes me.(offline and online). Figuring out fatherhood. ◆ Have over 13+ years of experience building, deploying, and managing real-time market data products that can scale to millions of messages/sec, processing and storing billions of messages a day. I built diverse and long lasting teams that led to contributing to the fastest-growing product at Bloomberg LP. ◆ Management: Project management, Prioritization, Performance management, Roadmapping, People development, Mentoring, Cross-team collaboration, Agile, Coaching Engineering Managers, Eng Organization Design, Culture Building and Hiring ◆ Technology: Architect Large scale systems, Offline Processing Systems, Transactional Systems, Stream Processing Systems ◆ Engaged in talent acquisition and hiring process for engineering and product teams.

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How To Successfully Transition From a Manager of ICs to a Manager of Managers

7 December

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7 December

Bobby Asher, Director of Engineering at Bloomberg, describes how he sparked change in his organization, focusing on collaboration between teams.

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