Zeev Vax

Zeev Vax

Sr. Engineering Manager, Mobile Platform at Homebase

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Senior hands-on manager with extensive product/project management skills and in mobile development - Strong entrepreneurial drive in product development, engineering, recruiting, and leading high performance teams - Proven track record in leading development of complex, highly scalable/distributed solutions with different OS types and applications (iOS, Objective C, Swift, Git, C, C++, Java) - Holder of several patents and IETF standard drafts in networking and MPEG digital video.

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Enhancing Communication in Distributed Development

6 August

Zeev Vax, Director of Engineering at Wonolo, explains how to enhance communication in distributed development teams by creating processes that will simplify and centralize communication.

Internal Communication
Involving QA in the Development Process

6 August

Zeev Vax, Director of Engineering at Wonolo, discusses the importance of getting QA involved in the development process early on.

QA Team
Cross-Functional Collaboration
Remote Onboarding: Setting New Hires Up for Success

6 August

Zeev Vax, Director of Engineering at Wonolo, shares how he created a seamless onboarding experience in an all-remote environment that sets up his new hires for success.

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